Fortune 500 Companies using Philippine Call Centers
  The table below some of the large companies which utilizes the services of locally based call center operators based BizNews Asia article. As can be noted, the activity ranges from financial services, to telecommunication, travel and technical support for large PC vendors like Dell, HP, Intel and Microsoft.
List of Large Companies which use Philippine Call Centers
Technical Support Financial Services
• Microsoft • American Express
• Intel • Capital One
• Hewlett and Packard • American International Group
• Dell • HSBC
Travel and Hospitality Internet Companies
• Expedia • Network Solutions
• 6 Continents • Earthlink
• Budget Car Rentals • AOL
• AT&T
• Verizon
• Globe Telecommunication
  Source: BizNews Asia. March 7-14, 2005
  Other companies not included in the above list are Andersen Consulting, Barnes and Noble, Caltex, Citibank, Fluor Daniel, Manulife, Morgan Stanley, Northwest Airlines, Procter and Gamble.