Newly Set Up Call Centers
  The table shows the names of call centers that have set up in the past two years based on data from the Board of Investments.
2004 2005
• Accesscall Solutions Inc. (Filipino) • Coastal Training Phils. Corp. (Filipino/American)
• Advance Contact Solutions Inc. (Filipino) • E-An Philippines. Corp. (Filipino/Japanese)
• Contactpoint Outsource Services (Filipino) • E-PLDT Ventus Inc. (Filipino)
• Isla Bead Company Inc. (Filipino/American) • G-Com Ltd. (Asia Pacific) (Filipino)
• Nucomm Int'l. Phils. Inc. (Filipino/Canadian) • Magellan Solutions Inc. (Filipino/American)
• Sykes Asia Inc.
• Mindbox Solutions Corp. (Filipino/Iranian)
• Vox Opera Solutions Inc. (Filipino) • Sure Connect Inc. (Filipino/British/American)
• Sykes Asia (2nd Company)
  Source: SGV and Company Industry Bulletin