Industry Players
Top Call Centers in the Philippines
  As of end 2004, there are around 72 call centers (majority of which are subsidiaries of US-based companies) are operating in the Philippines doing mostly inbound calls. This figure is estimated to have increased to 80 in 2005 due to new entrants in the industry.

The top players in the industry are Sykes Asia, Convergys, People Support, eTelecare, Teletech and Ambergris. Together, these players account for 27,400 seats or 65% of the industry's 42,000 seat capacity in 2004. With the industry doubling every year, the market share position of these players is expected to change with the aggressive growth of other players.
Top Call Centers in the Philippines (Number of seats)
Sykes Asia 7,900
Convergys 6,800
People Support 4,000
Etelecare 3,500
Teletech 2,900
Ambergris Solutions 2,300
Total 27,400
Figure as of end 2004.
  Types of Players
  There are three types of players in the Philippine Call Center industry, namely: 1) foreign owned companies with presence in the Philippines 2) Filipino owned seeking U.S. buyers and 3) In-sourced call centers.

Foreign-owned contact centers with presence in the Philippines represent facilities owned by US-based companies that have branched out to offshore. Examples of these companies include Sykes, PeopleSupport, Teletech, SourceOne, and Vocativ. Filipino contact centers are those local companies seeking US buyers. Examples include ePLDT (PLDT), eTelecare (owned by SPI Technologies), C-cube (Lopez Group), SVI Connect and Advanced Contact Solutions (Fil Hispano Holdings). Meanwhile, insourced Call Centers are operations of Multinational Companies (MNC’s) designed to bring competitive parity or competitive advantage for delivery of a specific business function to that organization internally. AOL and Citibank have dedicated call centers in the Philippines.
  Due to the attractive growth of the industry, players with Philippine operations have been target of acquisition of large foreign investor groups. For Instance, Telus of Canada and Singapore Computer Systems Ltd. acquire 70% of Ambergris for US$30.45 million. Local Player Advanced Contact Solutions, owned by Fil Hispano Holdings was recently taken over by All Asia Customer Services Holdings Ltd, part of the Usaha Tegas Group of the Malaysian Tycoon Ananda Krishnan. C Cubed, a call center operation of the Lopez Group in 2001, is now partly owned by Hinduja TMT Ltd, a publicly listed Indian Company and Synergy Global Outsourcing, a Texas based call center operator.
  Local Players
  Local blue Chip company PLDT has also been aggressively expanding its call center business. It has recently created a new call center, ePLDT Ventus Inc. (eVentus). It is expected to hire 2,500 agents over the next few months. eVentus will engage in the business of providing customer contact services and all forms of business process services for clients in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other English-speaking countries. It company will initially serve Teleflora, the world’s largest floral wire service, which is based in Los Angeles, California. At end September 2005, eVentus has a total capacity of 3,315 seats, from 1,736 in 2004.

Aside from PLDT, there are several relatively well capitalized companies that have expanded in the past 4 years. eTelecare, owned by SPI Technologies, has a 3,600 seat capacity, with 2,500 based in Manila and 1,100 based in Cebu. C Cubed, which used to be controlled by the Lopez Group, has 700 seats and (1,200 employees). It is in partnership with Source One Communication, a New Jersey based call center operator. It has 700 seats servicing large accounts such as JVC, Samsung, Fist Choice, Littemaid, Black and Decker. It has also serviced local companies like East West Bank, HSBC, Philamlife, Meralco, ABS-CBN and Shell.